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How to be motivated when you don’t feel like it

It won't be strange for some people to glance over the topic and go, “well, if you can't be motivated, then you are not ready for whatever it is you need motivation for.” I'm here to

break it to you that motivation is dynamic and unique to everyone. However, a useful rule of thumb is that self-motivation is key to the consistency of your goal. Therefore, you need to be aware of what motivates you organically and extrinsically. 

I believe this topic is crucial to everyone who has planned to achieve something. You definitely need drive, flow, and determination to achieve your goal. This isn't to say there won't be times that you will feel the best way to carry out your tasks is by taking a break and focusing on your mental health. That is what I do whenever I feel overwhelmed with personal issues that seem to get in the way of my motivation. Taking time out to do whatever makes me happy makes me more motivated afterwards! The purpose of this post is to encourage those working from home, embarking on a new project, and so on that whenever you lack motivation, there are several things to do, such as:

- Always remember the why’s of your goals. 

- Stay connected to positive people and things.

- Don’t be hard on yourself when you experience failures. 

- Limit procrastination. 

- Speak to a professional that can guide you.

- Set tasks that are achievable no matter how challenging they are. 

- Share/celebrate your progress.

- Challenge yourself. 

- Be inspired by the motivational stories of others.

- Don’t let unrelated issues affect your motivation. 

Remember, you are not alone; you’ve got people who believe in you. Lastly, I’ll always be your cheerleader 😀.


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