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Showing posts from May 16, 2016

'I just want to cry because my hair is that important to me' - Is this the worst hair extension fail ever?

A woman has been left with a pretty sore head after buying hair extension glue online. Lauren Dewick, 25, revealed that she's been trying to remove the glue bonds all week but not even a set of pliers can fix her problem. The poor mum of 2 is now seeking professional help to get rid of the fake hair after admitting that half

How to get a different look with icy bob hairstyle

Celebs like Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift have been seen rocking this hair colour and apparently may be the hair colour for this summer. More icy bob hair styles below.

'Wear a weave at work - your afro hair is unprofessional'

What happens when your work is acceptable but your hair is not? Leila - not her real name - says her London employer has told her on a number of occasions not to turn up for work with her natural hair. She says she has been encouraged to wear a weave to disguise her afro hair. It is not the first time that work dress codes have come under scrutiny.

Bizarre hair do

Hey guys, a friend of mine drew my attention to this weird hair and i still cant make any sense out of it.

Simple Senegalese twist for you

The same way we know of Ghana weaving or Ghana braids is the same way there is a style called Senegalese twist. Apparently it is not a new style because I have known of  this style for about 8 years. although people just call it twist style, most Africans still refer to it as Senegalese twist. more