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Reasons why you should get big cornrow braids

Big cornrow styles has a lot of advantages. For example, it does not take so much time to achieve, you could do it yourself, it is not too expensive to get, it can be done in various colours, it looks

5 Hairstyle Choices That Could Be the Reason Behind Hair Loss

A review by Johns Hopkins researchers  analyzed 19 studies about how hairstyle affects hair loss. They divided the hairstyles into three categories: high, medium and low-risk based on “the degree to which follicles are exposed to tension, weight, heat and hair-altering

Selena Gomez Took Her Hair Lighter for the Summer

Selena Gomez  hit New York's streets yesterday for a photo shoot wearing both an amazing red dress (hello, sequins!) and brand-new honey blond highlights. The change comes just a few weeks after a  major haircut  that built a ton of movement into her hair, and the new highlights definitely play

"My Friend Wants Me to Color My Naturally Red Hair Brown for Her Wedding"

Being a  bridesmaid  comes with various roles and duties you  should be prepared to be up for  and others the bride shouldn't even think to ask you to do in first place . But one  major  no-no is being asked to drastically change your normal physical appearance for her big day—which is essentially what happened to "bridehairthrowaway," who is a bridesmaid for a daughter of a family friend. "Yesterday morning I received an email from Ella," she  told Reddit . "It seemed pretty standard but then when she got into the look she wants for her bridesmaids she wrote 'Bridehairthrowaway, you'll