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This is Important for your hair colour and your wears

This post is not meant to offend anyone but I don't think I will ever understand why someone with a very dark skin tone will have a jet black hair colour and wear a black coloured outfit or why someone with pale white skin tone will have a platinum blonde hair colour and wear a white dress. (especially when the hair is flowing). one of the reasons why your fabulous hairstyle/colour could go unnoticed could be as a result of your outfit. Even if you have a very bright shade of hair colour and you want to wear a bright coloured dress or top, it

Solve these top 5 summer hair problems with these simple hacks

Bad hair isn’t a good look for anyone,  although some ladies think having a bad hair is cute (for some reasons) generally, ladies avoid having bad hair days. After a few hours in the summer’s hot heat your “beachy waves” are doomed to become an unsightly rat’s nest, creating the illusion that you just got booted from the island in  Survivor . Your forlorn friends do their best to fix the problem only to abandon

Fox's Megyn Kelly reveals she chopped off her long blonde hair during the height of her feud with Donald Trump because she was in a 'stronger mood'

She is so pretty that it is hard for me to choose which length suits her more.  Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has opened up about her dramatic short haircut which she said reflected her state of mind when she unveiled it earlier this year. The 45-year-old presenter of The Kelly File first cut her hair short in October last year before

Your strands are saying more than you think. (take quiz)

Some times, our hair styles or hair colours are a reflection of our mind. Not only can your  facial features tell you a thing or two about yourself , "your hairstyle can also reveal things about you,"  Jean Haner , an expert in fac e reading and author of  The Wisdom of Your Face , says. Here, Haner tells what your strands