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how to slay half up do bun hairstyle.

hey ladies, i have to share pictures of half up do hairstyle because lately i have fallen in love with it and cant wait to get my weave back on. this style is super cute when the bun is high, it make your hair look really full and it gives a bold look. ombre hair colour makes it very pretty because the bun

Trending beach wave hair styles.

 this post shows different hairstyles and hair colour that will be so good for beach waves,(also called free waves) middle part, side part, side bang, middle bang, hippie braid, ombre hair colour and so

Amazing hippie braids you should definitely try.

this style was once a 'lazy hair day' style which has become part of hair fashion. it can be done on natural hair, weave or even on braids. (i totally think it is the best style for braids if you are getting