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Showing posts from July 7, 2016

Super amazing Bun hair style for blondes

Hi lovelies, this post is for ladies whose hair colour is blonde or soon to be blondes, if you are tired of rocking your hair like khaleesi (mother of dragons in game of thrones) or any kind of style, i am here to announce to you that wearing your hair in a bun style is not out of fashion.. yet. There are different

Styles to make your curly bangs a reality

Frankly speaking, when people think of curly bangs (also known as faux bangs) the first word that comes up is awkward (i am sure with the eyes rolling). The truth is that this hair do is one of the best styles to boost ones' inner ego (ego you never thought you had) okay don't mind me :) what i love about this style is that it

Unique braided ponytail/bun

This post has different braided ponytail and bun styles from simple to a bit sophisticated. More pictures below

Hair inspiration for next week

For your next week's hair do, I compiled various hair looks that will be of inspiration to you. :) From the elegant looking long braids to voluminous fro, make your next week's hair style a tale that will be told by so many people and of course, thank me soon *big grin*