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Showing posts from August 6, 2016

My sister's hair journey

So my beautiful sister is gracing my blog with her healthy hair and sharing some tips with you guys. :) These are some of the questions i asked her, so get ready for

Benefits of coconut oil for hair

Some ladies get shocked to know that coconut oil does wonders to the hair. yes it does and I will share some of the wonders it does with you. Kindly check out my new website

QnA session with AHM

Hi dearies, I had a Q n A session on my facebook page two days ago and i will like to share some of the questions i received which may help some of you. By the way, you can send in your suggestions as well because the questions don't have a single answer, what could work for lady A could do

How to look exquisite in this mother-daughter hairstyles

Isn't this just so cute? this post has different ways to match your hairdo with your daughter which includes hair ties, afro, hair accessories and hair colour. more pictures below