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Frenzy fringe

I am a little bit tired of straight fringe so this is what i want...

Natural looking weave

Hairstyles for kids

Senegalese twist hairstyle

Low cut

Bridal hairstyles


Short braids

You need an easy to go braids? Go for short braids. They are classy and easy to style. You can either

How to style your braids

I used to battle with carrying my braids for more than 2 weeks, why? Because I always got bored of going out looking simple with my normal looking let down braids 😒😒 but my last braids was different. I had to search for how to style it and i want your search to be made easy too... 😊😊. So this post contains pictures of how you can switch your style everyday and you could be lucky to even create your own styles. 😁😁

How to make a messy bun