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my zigzag cornrow braids

i changed my hair style today to something more protective and i dint want to do the regular straight

Stephanie Davis' bad hair day takes centre stage in Celebrity Big Brother reunion snap

Poor  Stephanie Davis  hasn't had the best of times lately. The former  Celebrity Big Brother  star's relationship has been all up in the air and now her trusty new hair do seems to be getting away from her.

How To Care For Your Hair Based On Your Period Cycle

hi ladies, i decided to post something (not written by me) on menstrual cycle and your hair. You can tolerate or despise them, but menstrual cycles are a fact of life many of us have to deal with, either way. And while it's easy to think of PMS and periods as things that happen to our bodies every few weeks, the truth is that we are constantly in hormonal flux — thus,

What happened to her hair

Good morning people, please I really want to understand what this picture is about can anyone explain what is going on in the picture?  By the way if you are looking for your zip you know