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Showing posts from July 29, 2016

5 Hair Masks to Protect Your Curls When It's Hot and Humid

From Elle I love hair conditioner. Seriously. If I were forced to move to a desert island and I had to choose one beauty product it, would be my Kérastase conditioner: I'm choosing my curls. I love conditioner so much I even commit one huge curly-haired no no by leaving in conditioners for days on end at times. Because why not? Especially in the summer-between the humidity, the

Gina Rodriguez's New Ombré 'Do Is Summer Hair Goals

If you're anything like us, you've been living vicariously through Gina Rodriguez’s jaw-dropping summer of hair changes. We've already delighted in her shockingly  edgy undercut   and turn as an  out-of-nowhere blonde . Now, she's finally taken the lighter color — which looks like

Meet the girl who thought hair removal cream was shampoo

Always check labels!! That's the advice from two sisters after one had a very unfortunate reaction to a bottle of hair removal cream. But is everything in this picture as it seems? Twitter user Kayla Connors, from Massachusetts, uploaded a picture of her sister to

Keyshia's new hair look

She’s known for changing her hair color often, and it seems she takes on a new personality with each colorful choice. The 34-year-old singer-songwriter from Oakland, CA is often seen sporting

Ashley Olsen Dyes Hair Platinum Blonde

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s hair has long been a topic of discussion. Usually, we’re sitting here wondering  exactly  how they’ve mastered the art of disheveled beachy waves so perfectly over the years. We know it’s a combination of their Elizabeth and James Nirvana Dry Shampoo (that literally smells better than most perfumes out there), and sessions with their mane man Mark Townsend. But

A High School's New Anti-Natural-Hair Policy Is Causing Controversy

Another problematic hair policy,  this time at a Kentucky high school , will not being instituted without a fight. Why? Because a true mover and shaker has taken up the cause: Attica Scott, an activist turned state representative, tweeted about the racist policy this week.

Braids that could make your forehead appear smaller

Frankly speaking, braids have a way of exposing so many details of the forehead, which makes some ladies stick to weaves, but I guess I have good news for you. With these styles, all concentration will be taken from the forehead to the hair and give you a redefined look. If you think it is too