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Showing posts from May 9, 2016

Harry Styles With Short Hair — Fans Lose It Over ‘First Photo’ Of Singer After Haircut

I have been patiently waiting for Harry to reveal his new hair look and luckily I dint have to wait too long. For those who wont understand why i have been waiting, the one direction singer chopped off his hair some days ago and we all know how great his curly hair was. It is painful but he still looks good. Fans are DYING to see what  Harry Styles , 22, looks like now that he’s chopped off his long, luscious

Woman rips out huge chunk of hair attempting corn cob challenge

please do not try this at home!! In a video of a woman from China attempting to eat corn from a rotating power drill – and horribly injuring herself in the process – has gone viral in the past few days after the clip was shared on social media. The video shows the woman holding a large drill with a corn cob skewered onto the bit. She

Half up do for kids

Half up do for kids is a very cute style for kids and luckily there are various ways to style up dos for kids. More pictures below