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Other uses of Gram Flour

Let me tell you a little story, few hours ago, I woke up craving pancakes so I went to the kitchen to make it but as I was mixing the ingredients, it was having a different colour. I thought it was because

Adorable kids with big hair

Just because this shows all levels of cuteness. More pictures below

Angelic halo braids for kids

Try something different, make your daughter, sister, niece, cousin look so angelic in this not-so-common hair do. Tutorial pictures below

Let's bring back the pigtail style, shall we?

I believe if you want to bring back a style, it should be in a better and more appreciated way. Pigtail hair style is mostly referred to as a childish style but after going through this post you will have a different mind set about the style. To make it look more admirable, add some hair accessories, try