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Clap braids

as requested

How to order your AHM hair accessories.

Have you ever imagined spicing up your contemporary wears with some African fabric hair accessories? if yes, then I am here to make your imagination a reality. gone are the days when fashion was all about going by the rules, you can create your own fashion by being creative. To adorn your

Fascinating hair studios

These hair studios are just so classy that i could not help but blog about it. They are just like hair heaven, lovely decor. I guess I am so much of a 'hair person' :). More pictures below

Hair items to travel with

 Just so you will be prepared, this post will give you an idea of the hair stuff to travel with when you want to embark on a journey (i am not saying you should take everything along ). I wont write a lot

For the love of fringe

I cant believe this is now referred to as 'the vintage hair do'. More pictures below