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Showing posts from March 19, 2016

Kim Kardashian Debuts New Hair

In the ultimate #flashbackfriday move, Kim Kardashian is bringing back ombré hair.  In a late-night Snapchat post, the mother of two debuted light-blond, dip-dyed brunette strands along with a fresh new length. "Midnight haircut," she captioned the post, which features celebrity hairstylist  César Ramirez  in action. Judging from her snaps, it seems that Kim is more

Woman Pulling a Double Decker Bus With Her Hair Must Be an IRL Mortal Kombat Character

wow!!  Asha Rani is known as “The Iron Queen” because of the amazing feats of strength she’s attempted using her teeth, ears, and eye sockets. Four Guinness records wasn’t enough to slake her thirst for outlandish showmanship.

Losing hair? Avocado is the secret remedy

i have a thing for natural ways to treat hair lose and i am sure so many people are like that too. this information on how to use avocado to make that happen will be very useful for you :) Avocado has potassium, amino acids and proteins that make it one of the healthiest fruits. The best way to