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Showing posts from April 2, 2017

Mega growth relaxer undergoes changes

So my mom and i have been using Mega growth relaxer for quite some time now, to the extent that i had to take some to Dubai last year so i wont have to change my relaxer. When i came back to Nigeria in January, my mom was talking about how scarce the relaxer is, fortunately we were in

Elevate your church style with these scarf styles

As you all know, most churches have the 'cover your hair' rule for ladies and sometimes getting the right or perfect way to style your scarf can be very daunting, ladies, you know now, so thank me later

Fancy Made

My cute friend decided to rock AHM hair wrap, looking all fancy nancy... lol since a friend taught me

How she rocks the fishbone braids

Hi guys!! here is the story about my dear Irene's hair.... ok i will start briefly with our history... she is a friend turned client turned veryyyyy close friend/client... what i love about her is how she knows what ever