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Showing posts from July 27, 2016

Look fab in these yarn styles

Having braids or yarn style on for so long could make you feel you have tried all the styles in this world  (at least that was how I felt when I still had my yarn braids) but I saw this styles not so long ago, if only I had seen them sooner. You can get fabulous styles from this post for your braids, twist or locs and you can also see suitable colours for your yarn braids and twist. more

Chic styles for the weekend

Fringe up do as requested by a blog reader.

Beautiful styles for natural hair

Saw these few minutes ago and decided to share.

Add more beauty to your hair with these head chains

Head chain is a way to spice up your hair look without necessarily changing the style. This is an accessory every lady should get because you never can tell when it will come in handy.

Which do you prefer?

These ladies are pretty but some styles are more suitable than others and I know you all can agree with me. For instance i prefer the ombre bob on Vivica fox's hair than the long hair. see more pictures below

Attractive colours for your corn row braids

This beautiful colours will make your braids look spectacular. More pictures below