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Showing posts from April 3, 2016

Justin Bieber’s Shocking Hair Makeover: See His New Dreadlocks

Justin posted the photos of his dreadlocks in the early morning hours of April 3. He posted two Instagram selfies of his new look. One black-and-white  photo  didn’t include a caption, but the other photo was  captioned , “Why.” Does Justin not like his dreadlocks? He just got them!

My new fringe wig look

ok by now everyone knows that when it comes to my hair i just cant keep my hands to myself (in Selena Gomez's voice), i got tired of wearing the afro wig when reality dawned on me that it was a costume wig (wearing a costume wig to get something downstairs) anyway, no more excuses, i

4 reasons your daughter's hair is shedding

Any mother feels devastated when the daughter’s hair sheds. In fact, I know many women who go to great lengths to take care of their young girls’ hair but the hair still sheds. Understanding your child’s hair can be a challenge. If you are wondering why your daughter’s hair is shedding, these could be the reasons:

Finger waves hairdo for ladies

Finger waves hairstyle started trending again not too long ago. this vintage hairdo is mostly done by men and as the saying goes 'what men can do women can do it better' only proves that finger waves