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Trending Ghana weaving

what has been searched recently on this blog is ghana braids and i am glad to post recent ghana braids for you guys to see. more pictures below Announcement!! We have moved to another website :) Kindly visit the new lifestyle blog

Before You Get Hair Extensions, Read This

On the red carpet, celebrities like  Selena Gomez  and BeyoncĂ©  have shoulder-grazing lobs one day and long, luxurious strands by the time they hit the next carpet. These stars don’t have super genes; rather, they turn to extensions to switch up their length whenever they feel like changing their look. Luckily, hair extensions aren’t just for the red carpet and you can easily

Why everyone is talking about denim hair

Move over, mermaid manes. This season, everyone's embracing  denim hair . The beauty blogging set has been convincing us to dye our locks a lovely shade of stonewash. Coming in the wake of dyed grey hair – a favourite fashion statement among the young and ironic – denim hair is more

Hair colour trend to stop human trafficking

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             PLATTEVILLE, Wis. - An estimated 2.5 million people are forced into human trafficking at a given time, according to a report by the United Nations. Now this global issue is getting some support in southern Wisconsin On a Saturday at the

Short spiral curls for ladies in march

one of the styles people want to see in 2016 is short spiral curls. it is a very simple style and at the same time a very chic style. it can be done on natural hair and on short weaves in different parts.