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Fashionable bowler hats for ladies

Add more beauty to your look by wearing the latest fashionable bowler hats for ladies. for more ideas on how a bowler hat can change your hair game, see the pictures below

Bob styles that will make you ditch the 18 inches weaves

A lady once said since her hair went 'bob' it has not gone long again because she automatically fell in love with its length and look, then I realised it is not all ladies that love long weaves. Don't get me wrong, I also love bob styles I mean, there are different ways to make it beautiful but it is like a once in a year kinda style for me because I need me some long hair to flaunt. *big grin* anyway, this post

This Hair Color Is Perfect For Busy Girls

Ok this post was not written by me so please do not be angry, I am not implying that anyone is lazy but just take a look. (In the writer's defence, we all get lazy once in a while)  One of the major gripes people have about hair color is all the maintenance involved. Once you dye your hair, you've got to keep it up — and that usually means spending lots of cash and