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Great hairstyles for your BW picture

When taking a black/white picture, don't forget the important role the hair will play in the picture. The choice of hairstyle can either accentuate your beauty or make you look a bit different in a not-so-good way. Apart from the hairstyle, the colour of your hair should be opposite of the background colour (white background and dark shade of hair colour, thanks to many photo editors)  as it will make the effect on

Meet Melody, this week's hair crush.

Not only is she beautiful, there is no hairstyle that she wont be able to slay. I decided to feature her on the blog because of her unique hairstyles and her charisma and She was delighted to grace this blog. Her natural hair doesn't stop her from getting different styles on and different hair accessories as well. She is a Lifestyle blogger and her fashion I must say are really unique and awesome. Some of her