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Showing posts from March 9, 2016

cool hairstyles for Indian guys

this post shows different hairstyles of indian men (inspired by someone who searched for it today on the blog). the styles include spikes, curly hair, ombre, side part, wavy hair and quiff

4 Tips for natural hair weave wearers.

 this post goes out to ladies about to get weaves installed on their natural hair. The natural hair movement is on the rise and in full swing. Many women have stopped using chemical relaxers and are rediscovering their natural hair. Despite the new trend, women's quest for long hair has not diminished. Most have found it difficult to equate the natural look with hair length gains since this is not automatic.

Grey/Black hair colour

this hair colour was recently searched for on the blog. In this post, there are different ways to style a grey/black hair colour and it also shows different shades of grey :) more pictures below.

(Video) 3 easy bohemian styles

I saw this not too long ago on luxy hair blog and i am so happy to share it with you. :)  T he ‘boho’ look (otherwise known as bohemian) has been a strong trend for quite some time - and we think it’s definitely here to stay! These hairstyles are perfect for every day