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My boxer braids/ reasons why you should get boxer braids

Boxer braids is a very easy hair style to make and it is not time consuming. it gives the wearer a simple look (if you want to ditch all the heavy braids or weave styles). I actually made it few days ago because i needed a break from the jumbo braids and i relaxed my hair and just couldn't watch it

How to Keep Curls in Your Hair—Even in the Heat

Real talk: Wearing long hair down in oppressive heat is killer. And don't even think about curling it—they'll never last! That is…until you read this. Jordana Brewster 's luscious locks are giving us major motivation to brave the sweat and frizz that may ensue with wearing this style. Lucky for us, the man behind her gorgeous look—celeb hairstylist  Marc Mena —shared how to pull it