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Showing posts from July 26, 2016

Lionel Messi's new hair colour

 The girl friend of the football star  Antonella Roccuzzo shared this photo on her instagram page. yay

Best protective styles to try

Many of you may be wondering what other protective style are there apart from corn row, well I am here to suggest other styles that you’ll definitely be in love with. These styles include: halo braids, thread, lose braids, up do, half up do and of course cornrow 

Nengi's natural hair journey so far

Hi dearies, it has been great joy so far getting feed backs from ladies that are happy with the testimonies of other ladies natural hair journey. The interesting part of it is that not all ladies have the same advice or testimony to share which means that if someone tries a particular product or goes on a particular natural hair journey and does not work out fine, there are other roads to take and other