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Showing posts from February 24, 2016

Flattering Hairstyles for oval faces

this post was suggested by a friend of mine. you can send in your suggestions too. The oval face shape is the ideal shape because it can wear nearly any hairstyle! Other shapes have a limited selection of hairstyles because they want to hide and minimize certain facial features to give

See how a lady used toilet paper to curl her hair.

ladies, are you seeing what i am seeing? i will definitely try this out.  an ingenious method for curling hair that involves no heat, no water and no fancy equipment - in fact, all you need is a roll of toilet paper.

various braiding extension colours you should know

hi ladies, in order to make you more aware of the various braiding extension colours and how to

Angry fans come for Seraya for straightening her hair

One of the advantages of being a woman is the ability to change up your look whenever you want. If you want blue hair one day. Go for it! Curly hair the next. It’s your prerogative. While most of us agree with this notion of changing up your look, a few can’t grasp the concept.

Hairy nails... yay or nay?

Hardly anything is off limits in Fashion Week. But this new beauty trend is certainly one of the most bizarre.