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Induction haircut

Induction cut is suitable for all age groups, face shape and 

Hair accessories

This is how to use hair accessories to add more beauty to the hair.  Thanks to the Indians. Accessories could be added to your parting or

Fade haircut

Fade hairstyles   are becoming extremely popular amongst  men lately. This Mohawk wannabe cut is

Afro for Men

Who said it is just the ladies that can rock a perfect afro hairstyle?  The brothers can too. This hairdo is perfect for curly hair and  can be 

Mohawk hairdos

This hairstyle suggests that you shave the sides of your hair leaving a stripe of hair running from the centre of your forehead to the back of

Big Mama's styles

hey big mama, i am not leaving you out of this. so these are hairstyles that will give you that young look again.. :)

Formal hairstyles