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Showing posts from April 30, 2016

2016 Weave styles

I know a lot of ladies love to keep up with the latest hair fashion, this post has different trending weave styles. See more pictures of kinky weaves, crotchet weaves, side part weaves, spiral weaves

Different shades of grey hair colour

This post goes out to the blog reader that requested for different shades of grey hair and for all those who want to know the different shades of grey hair colour. You can also send in your hair request to my mail, by commenting on any of the posts or by using the live chat (only visible to web viewers). More pictures below

End of the month special (Last day featuring Jemima)

If you have been following the Shuga series, you will agree with me when I say she is really a cutie! Not only does this beautiful Nigerian actress know the right hairstyles to get, she also knows the right hair colour and shade of head wear  to suit her skin tone. The shuga star is pleased to share her hair

Bare-faced college student who had not cut her hair in FIVE YEARS and rarely ever wore make-up left speechless after being totally transformed in a dramatic makeover

A college student who professes not to have cut her hair for five years and rarely wears make-up was almost unrecognizable after she was transformed during a television makeover. Libby Acker, 19, was plucked from the crowd outside the Rockefeller Center in New York to