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Showing posts from March 2, 2016

Fashionable yarn wrap hairstyles

I am sure many ladies know about yarn braids and yarn twists, but Have you tried "The Wrap?", it is

Your bridal shower hair ideas have been found!

If you have been searching for easy DIY bridal shower hairstyles then your search is about to be over. here are 12 different bridal shower hair ideas you could do by your self or tell someone to help you with. it show different hairstyles and accessories you could attach to your hair to make your day

Turn a bad hair day to a chic messy ponytail

gone are the days were wearing a messy ponytail was considered having a bad hair day, this has become 2016 trending hairstyle (only if you know how to rock it) this post shows a range of ways your messy ponytail could be an inspirational hairstyle to ladies. it can be done on braids, natural