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Showing posts from March 5, 2016

Stylish hair do for your maxi

i have heard lots of ladies say ' for a maxi dress or skirt, your hair must be laid back' or i cant put my hair in a bun for my maxi skirt. you dont need to have a specific style for your maxi skirt/dress

Current hair trend in Nigeria (ladies)

I have followed the current hair trend in Nigeria on social media and I will like to share some of the styles here. basically, they are styles most of you are familiar with but the styles are with a twist.

Curly pixie cut you wont regret switching to

is it just me or there is something really spectacular about curly hair? i just feel they give an elegant look. this post is about curly pixie cut, for those familiar with pixie cut, you wont have a problem with this style. some advantages of getting this style include