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Showing posts from April 13, 2016

Another dry shampoo story

i saw this on Facebook not too long ago and I decided to share it. In the name of God, never in all my life did I think I'd have to explain my personal hygiene to 23,000+ people!! -I did not use dry shampoo instead of washing my hair properly -I've obviously had a more severe reaction than most people will -I'm sure other brands have the same/similar effects on other people, Bastiste is just the one I used

Ways to Air-Dry Your Hair (No Matter Your Hair Type)

there is no best method when it comes to drying the hair (although there could be ways that will spoil your hair texture) this post is about different ways drying your hair can add a bit of style to your hair. SOFT SPIRALS ON THICK, COARSE, NATURALLY CURLY HAIR "Curly hair takes a lot of work," says  Nicole Chapoteau,   Allure 's accessories director (that's her here), who has her weekly air-dry process down to a science. She soaks her hair in diluted apple cider vinegar to make it shiny

Ruby Rose courts controversy as she flies out of LA rocking the much debated hair trend 'boxer braids

celebrities like  Kylie ,  Kim ,  Khloe, Rita ora, Jennifer lopez, Ariana Grande   have once made the boxer braids and Khole is making it a habit and now this star can be including in the long list of celebrities trying out the updo. Ruby Rose  flew out of Los Angeles, California, late Monday night with her hair braided back.

Is Your Dry Shampoo Making You Go Bald?

Another day, another  controversial beauty horror story . This time, it involves two things very close to many women's hearts: hair and dry shampoo.