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17 creative twist hairstyles

These are the best twist styles to spice up your hair look this week. Take a look

Have you seen Meghan Markle’s Natural Hair?

Prince Harry’s betrothed actually has a head of bountiful curls. The internet dug up some old photos in which her spirals were still intact. We’re all for people changing their hair however they desire, and either

Crotchet hairstyles

I always tell people that crotchet styles are very easy to get because it is true.

Blonde curls ideas

Hey ladies, I will be sharing coloured curls on the blog this week and will start with blonde.

Register your salon with us

Hi lovelies, I guess you are all doing well. I will like to use this opportunity to let you know that you

Perfect hair styles for oval faces

You find that a lot of hair styles can be pulled on your face shape lets say; pulling half of your hair with cornrows and finish it by puffing a curly long extension at the back, or  making

Salon story: Wish He Would Pokémon Go Away

From (I’m waiting in a salon for a hair appointment, idly playing a Pokémon game on my handheld. A boy of about ten or so who is waiting with his mother sees and immediately gets excited.)