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Snap back hats for ladies

Many people really loved the snap back cap pictures of Aislinn  HERE  and needed more of pictures of snap back caps for ladies. more pictures below

Floyd Mayweather, who has no hair, spends up to $3,000 a week on haircuts

Yes, Floyd is hairless -- or as some say, "bald." Keeping a hair-free look is a bold choice that he pulls off very well. Some people lack the properly shaped head to be bald with confidence, but the boxer is able to. The great thing about being bald is that it's super cheap to maintain

False phinshing warning on this blog

My lovely blog readers, it has come to my notice that sometimes it gets very inconveniencing visiting this blog because of the phinshing warning that keeps popping up. I am doing what i can to remove that warning because my blog is all about hair styles and hair news. please do not be worried because my blog is 100 percent authentic. I will like to also appreciate your dedication to my blog posts, your views matter a lot to me and it gives me so much pleasure showing you different ways to adorn your

Aislinn's amazing hairstyles/accessories

There is hardly any hairdo or accessory that will not suit my very beautiful friend. She loves vintage as well as contemporary hair do and they suit her a lot. Check out some of her pretty styles below

African ponytail cornrow

I know it is not just me that associates cornrow hairdo with all back hairdo; Nah, I am not the only one guilty of that hair crime. This style, also known as shuku by Nigerians, is an appealing way of getting a ponytail or bun. The only thing I do not like about cornrow is the inability to laugh on the first day you get it done because it is often very tight (except I do it myself). more pictures of ponytail