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Kinky braids

Guess who changed her hair style again!! ME! of course it is I. I decided to do kinky braids because it is not so common, what is common is kinky twist and i have been on straight braids for some time so I curled the tips of this braids (yay!) any way, I used kinky expression braids, black colour and I had

Great short hair do for ladies

As requested.

Beautiful hair ideas for your curly crotchet weave

Most ladies seem to be more interested in crotchet weaves than the regular weaves. These are styles to make you rock your curly crotchet with confidence

Crotchet style just got easier with this

Getting crotchet hair just got easier with this braided wig cap. *But why does the mannequin look so angry* anyway, the stress of braiding before installing is gone... forever and you can also use it for

Ways to style your relaxed hair

Congratulations, you've just relaxed your hair again... you are loving those edges and the straight hair. few hours later you are faced with reality HOW TO STYLE YOUR HAIR. This post has different

Check out these simple cornrow styles

Pretty straight cornrow suitable for adults and kids. More pictures below