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Blake Lively's Hair beauty

  Blake Lively has always had one the best hair games in town — any town. Her sun-drenched strands seem to look right at home in every environment, whether she's kicking back in a beachside bungalow or channeling Grace Kelly in a string of pearls. That's because the actress isn't married to a single style — or era. Yes, her hair is always

5 Things to Ask the Next Person Who Calls Your Natural Hair ‘Unprofessional’

In the latest case of hair related workplace discrimination, a  Zara employee was humiliated  when co workers tried to ‘fix’ her natural hair because it was deemed ‘unprofessional’ and decided to file a complaint.

Employers free to define what 'professional' hair is: Labour lawyer

Employers in Canada have the right to run their businesses as they see fit, including how their employees wear their hair. Labour and employment lawyer Muneeza Sheikh said given how ethnically diverse Canadians are, defining exactly what work-appropriate hair is could be quite a slippery slope for employers drafting dress code policies.

Women in this Chinese tribe only cut their hair once in their lifetimes

So Rapunzel does exist. And not just one, but dozens of them. A group of Chinese women and girls in Guangxi, China, gathered by a river near the Huangluo Yao village to celebrate their long hair in an annual festival on Saturday.