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Denim coloured braids

As requested by a blog reader

2016 glamorous curly hair do

Over the years, there have been a lot of 'Angelina looking' curly hair styles (I always think of the name Angelina when i see curly hair) but what i love about the trending curls is its volume. my

Best braids for adults and kids

These braids are sooo catchy. If you are tired of braiding your hair in the regular style, opt for one of these (if not all) and make everyone be in awe of your hair look. Great for adults and kids

Colourful braiding extensions

Colourful braiding extensions to give you an attractive look. some extension come pre dyed in different colours but if you are not able to get those type you can mix the plain coloured braiding

Mohawk hair cut for men.

Sometimes called fauxhawk. This post has various ways to rock your mohawk hair cut. more pictures below.