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Showing posts from May 1, 2016

Amazing middle part styles

Due to years of experience, middle part style is one style that people don't initially feel so confident to get but after getting it they fall in love with it. A psychologist may refer to that kind of hair involvement as low involvement. The first time I tried it was about 7 years ago and I can still remember being sceptical about it and it took me about a week to make up my mind. Ever since then, I make sure I use the right length of weave and the right texture. Some of my friends also had the

Go, curl! How to get 2016's hottest hair

Wavy hair is making a comeback – as James Galvin, K√©rastase ambassador, illustrates with his latest twists in hair trends. And not a corkscrew in sight… ‘When it comes to curls, don’t think perfect, think playful,’ says James, which is

Justin Bieber Chops Off Dreadlocks After Being Mocked About His Hair

Bye bye,  Justin Bieber 's dreadlocks. You will probably not be missed. The 22-year-old pop star debuted a short, buzzed haircut Friday night. Many fans were elated. "Your hair looks 10x better!!" a fan wrote.

Braids for your viewing pleasure

Happy new month everyone!!! In the mood of celebration, this post has uncommon Ghana braids style and since braids posts are the most searched posts here, I just added one more post for your viewing pleasure. more pictures below.