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About Shapellx Shapewear

This is a sponsored post. I went on a date with one of my college besties recently. When we met, I couldn't believe what I saw. Let me tell you something about my friend; she is a first-time mom who has struggled with her looks
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How to wear your cornrow with kinky ends

                                     For about 29 hours, I had no idea what to do with my newly relaxed hair. When the idea of two

How to get a Faux Fro

                      I got inspired by one of the  crotchet styles I did in 2017 . I wanted to do something similar to that.

Hair of the day

  So far, cornrow braids have been my

The Cornrow Ponytail Illusion

  Hey ladies, welcome to another episode of "when the wrong makes a right" lol, there is

Which do you prefer- Knitting yarn or Brazilian yarn braids?

Yarn style has been my favourite protective hairdo for the past 6 years. The first time I braided

My Review of NaturesPlus Biotin Supplement

This is not a sponsored post. I wrote about my postpartum hair loss two years ago on my hair blog, and I reviewed the hair