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Reddish blonde

Do you love blonde hair and at the same time love red hair?

Caesar hair cut

This style can either be buzz or fade hair cut the only difference

Ombre braids

Just like having an ombre weave on, you can have ombre braids on.

Weaving et Weaves

This is the combination of weaving and weaves. the weaves could either

Christmas hairstyles for kids

Here are some Christmas hairstyles your daughters

Chinese hairstyles

These are hairstyles and accessories that will complement

Nigerian clap hairstyle (sade)

Unlike shuku that gathers in the middle or at the side of the hair,  sade runs from either the top of your head down to the bottom

Kids fringe

Whether full fringe or side fringe, natural hair fringe

Plopping your hair

So what is plopping? I am sure you have heard of how ladies  ‘dry curl’ their hair to perfection. This involves using your  favourite hair product then plop with any cotton T-shirt most