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Can Brushing Your Hair a Certain Way Make It Grow Faster?

A recent article  caught our attention when the headline made the bold claim that brushing your hair is the "easiest trick to make your hair grow." Really? That's all it takes— brushing your hair ? According to a writer at  Cosmopolitan UK , yep. This woman (who had previously embarked on an adventure in which she stopped shampooing her hair) wanted to test a theory she'd heard claiming that brushing your hair with a certain kind of brush and in a certain way will cause your hair to grow at a faster rate. "Regular,

Check out Trending professional hairstyles.

Dear ladies, if you want a simple hairstyle that will give you a professional look, the 'i know exactly what i am doing' look, you are in the right place. This post has different professional hairstyle that

Millie Mackintosh slayed the festival hair game at Coachella

Millie Mackintosh appears to be having ALL the fun at Coachella, but she's working as much as playing it seems, sharing her hair diaries on Instagram for our festival

Reasons why you should get cornrow braids

Recently, someone searched 'should I get cornrow' on the blog. If you have any questions, feel free to either comment on any of the posts or you could contact me directly by using the 'chat now' button (visible on the web version of the blog). Anyway, I will give few reasons why