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Showing posts from August 18, 2016

Let's play a 'hair' game guys

Hey guys, i found this on  and i wonder how accurate it is. The buzz cut Perhaps one of the easiest hair cuts, the buzz is a sharp style that is no longer relegated to the military ranks. But despite its low-maintenance status, it is a no-nonsense cut that might just have people thinking you’re more intense than laid back as well as diligent, active, and

When your wigs come to your rescue

Trust me, my wigs are always saving me from having bad hair days (except i intentionally want to have a bad hair day, which has never happened) select the best type of wig to get and go get it :)

stunning bantu knot hair do

This style has been trending for quite a while and celebrities like Rihanna and Blac chyna have rocked it too. Suitable for adults and kids. More pictures below

Braids slay

Don't get tired of rocking your braids/twists just yet, here are thrilling ways to slay your hair.