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Showing posts from March 8, 2016

Details of my current sombre braids

hey guys, as you already know, i love switching styles. i am done with the zigzag cornrow (for now because i still plan on doing it very soon) i decided to make sombre braids (braided it myself). Before you start wondering how i was able to make long braids myself without getting it tangled the secret

The ugly truth behind multi-million pound hair extensions industry

The rising demand for real human hair means more and more suppliers from countries including India, Russia, Brazil and China are vying for their share of the profitable market.  As twilight falls on a poverty-stricken town, a girl no more than 10 years old stands with her head bowed and her hands clamped over her eyes.

Beyonce's old school hair secret

BeyoncĂ© has a stylist, an impeccable track record for quick hair changes that rivals both Nicki Minaj and Cher, and she even has an entire closet dedicated to her hair, but when it comes to keeping her hair "laid" she relies on something a little more old school: a heat cap.