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Braiding extension colours

As requested by a blog reader

Lovely hair concept for bridal/baby shower

If you will be attending a bridal or baby shower soon and you don't know how exactly to style your hair, well, you are on the right post. you don't need to steal the show with an 'over-styled' hair, your

Meet the Ghanaian actresses that don't take their hair fashion for granted

These ladies are talented actresses and their hair game is always on point. More pictures below

See how to add bangs to different cornrow hair styles

You may wanna bookmark this page because I have a feeling this style is gonna be trending real soon with some creative people adding lots of styles to it :). I love this style because it is a stylish way of

Side part kinky braids

So my kinky braids is more than two weeks old (yay!) what I am excited about is the fact that I have

Eva's bold hair looks

Hey divas, what I love about this ravishing Nigerian rapper is her bold hair styles. She is not confined to the set hair rules (if there are any) or hair styles and all that, she displays her creativity in her hair