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Showing posts from February 23, 2016

Woman made a vest out of her own hair

This is no ordinary vest that Ortansa Pascariu, a 65-year-old from Romania, is holding. The result of two decades’ work, the item of clothing has been meticulously stitched together – from the woman’s own head hair. Pascariu, who

Guess the last time this lady shampooed her hair and her reason.

  ok, i dont think i can do what this lady did, and i am not saying you guys should do it but if you feel like, then kudos!  The idea of giving up shampoo is, for most, horrifying. The feeling of leaving

New boxer braids hair trend.

honestly i don't see any difference between boxer braids and cornrow. well i guess they decided to change the name. Kim Kardashian has been wearing her hair in braids a lot lately, and while the style, which people are calling boxer braids on social media, looks great on her and has even become much more popular

inside Erica Campbell new hairline

y'all marymary fans need to see this. Gospel singer Erica Campbell can add global ambassador to her resume, as she is now ambassador and partner for VeMa Couture Hair. The line, titled, “Erica by Erica Campbell” is 100 percent Indian