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12 ways to style your afro

So many ladies are going natural and it gives me so much joy to share different ways to style your natural hair (afro),

Kim Kardashian uses Gorilla Snot to style her hair!

Los Angeles - Kim Kardashian West uses gorilla snot in her hair. Long-time Kardashian hair stylist Jen Atkin has revealed the wonder "weapon" behind the 35-year-old's super sleek S-wave hair is the Mexican-made Moco de Gorilla, Gorilla Snot Gel.

Ariana Grande Gives Us A Rare Glimpse Of Her Hair Down In “Dangerous Woman”

In addition to her jaw-dropping vocals, Ariana Grande has (unofficially) become the queen of ponytails. It doesn’t matter if she’s rocking a half-up half-down style or working an  I Dream of Genie  topper, we rarely get to see the star without her signature hairdo. But in her latest video for her single  Dangerous Woman , the 22-year-old gives us a nearly four-minute performance with her

Woman Hides Recorder in Her Hair During Surgery, Catches Doctor Body-Shaming Her

Ethel Easter says she has an audio recording of her doctor speaking disparagingly about her during surgery. (Photo: Facebook) A woman who says she was body-shamed by doctors and nurses while on the operating table — and that she has an audio file, from a recorder hidden in her weave, to prove it — is speaking out about the “physical, mental, and emotional

How OLD is your hair? Expert reveals the signs of ageing to your locks over the years

From wrinkled hands to turkey necks and furrowed brows, there are many tell-tale signs that reveal the ages of those adept at warding off the ravages of time.  But your hair need not be one of them according to Sally-Ann Tarver, an expert trichologist who reveals ways of combating hair thinning and other changes which happen as we age.

Latest hair trend for guys

yesterday i posted some trending styles for ladies and some of my male friends wanted to see the trending styles for them as well. most of the trending styles for guys are either fade hair cut or quiff.