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The benefits of Relationship Maintenance



I read an article recently on how to spice up a marriage and the title of the article was the benefits of

maintenance sex. I believe it is important for couples to have various ways to keep the fire burning in their marriage especially if you and partner are always busy or hardly have time for intimacy. However, I decided to make this blog post on maintenance in general relationships as well- marriage and friendship. 

According to, Relationship maintenance is a term for describing the behavioural interactions/patterns that facilitate the preservation of relationships.

The truth is, I knew 'relationship maintenance' happens in families, marriage, and by extension friendships, because it is not uncommon to get caught up in the busyness of the world and forget to keep in touch or do certain things to make our loved ones feel loved and happy but I didn’t know the particular term for it. 

The benefits of genuinely having behaviours to maintain our relationships are that:

  • you are heading for a longer relationship.
  • It promotes understanding.
  • You are there for your loved ones and vice versa.
  • You build and strengthen your friendship. 
  • You connect with your spouse more intimately. 
  • Your spouse can see the efforts you are making (especially when there are issues) 
  • People can rely on you 
Over to you, how do you maintain your relationships?


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