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How to help a pregnant friend


First of all, congratulations to your friend! Pregnancy experience isn’t the same for everyone, so

if you have a friend who is expecting her first baby or it isn’t her first pregnancy, and you want to render help to her, these are some essential tips to make it worthwhile.

1. Listen.

Always listen to what they say. It’s important to note that your friend is going through a lot. One of the ways to help is by listening to what they want and how they feel.

2. Ask.

Another way is by asking important questions. If you want to know what they need and they don’t want to bother you listing all what they truly need, you can simply ask. This can make it easier for your friend to know what to tell you to help her with. It could be grocery shopping, looking after her other children, cooking, or simply just being with her.

3. Talk to her based on your experience.

First-time mothers may not have all the information they need, so if you’ve been pregnant before, you can suggest ideas that you feel might help her based on your personal experience. For instance, you can offer some weight loss tips, how to deal with morning sickness and so on.

4. Effective Communication.

Don’t feel sad if you can’t be of help to her at the time she needs it. Make sure you explain why so she won’t feel neglected, especially if you have always been there for her. Don’t try to avoid her until you can help her, this may create a big misunderstanding.

5. Unplanned pregnancy.

If the pregnancy was unplanned, this is the time they will need all the moral support they can get from a true friend. It might come as a shock to you, the friend, but try to be there for them. 

What suggestions do you have?


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