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Review: What you need to know before going to Reef mall

If you’ve been in the UAE for years and haven’t heard of Al reef mall put your hands up 🙋🏽‍♀️. I

got to know about this mall a few months ago and I planned to visit, I’m glad I finally did. 

To my amazement, the mall is quite small (well, I guess I had an idea of how it would be so I disappointed myself) but hey, it wasn’t so discouraging. After spending about an hour in this mall, I’d say what I love about it is the fact that there are stores that have all you may need in case of emergencies. Additionally, if you are looking for great deals, you should definitely plan to visit the mall. Other things I like about the mall are: 

Monitored play area for kids

Close to Salahuddin Metro Station on the green line.

Great deals are always available (for emphases).

Free WiFi. 

Various lovely restaurants and cafes to dine in.

A medical center- Prime Medical Center and Aster Pharmacy.

Gym facility. 

While I can’t deny the fact that my stay at the mall was quite interesting, there were some downsides to the experience. The mall wasn't well lit which affected the picture quality (I had to edit these pictures to make them bright), no Instagram worthy spots 🙄 , and the mall was hot.


10 am to 10 pm


Dubai, Deira, Salahuddin Road, Next To Salahuddin Metro Station, Deira - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Lastly, there are sanitizers in strategic places but I’d advise you to practice conscious social distancing and good hygiene when you visit Reef Mall.



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