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Ways I see myself becoming like my mom

This is another interesting topic that was suggested. She told me the funny
experiences she had with her mom and now she has children, she sees herself acting the way her mother did. After which she said she'd love to read my experience on my blog. So, here it goes.

When I was much younger, I really didn't understand why my mom was being overprotective by:

- Wanting to know about my day.
- Being interested in the conversations I had with people.
- Knowing who my friends were. 
- Making sure I wasn't losing weight.
- Monitoring my eating habits.
- Checking on my mental and physical health.
- Caring so much about trivial things in my life. 

But now I am a mom, I get so concerned about everything my son does and so much more. I can already imagine the kind of conversations I will have with him when he starts school. Thinking about this alone makes me appreciate all my mom did for me and my siblings. Her love is truly immeasurable, unending and incomprehensibly unique! 

I'd love to read your experience in the comments section :)

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Wow!!! Amazing. I love this amazing post. So proud being ur mum. All my love my sweetheart!!!


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