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The Beauty of Self-Love

I listened to an episode of one of my favorite podcasts this week and the host talked
about the act of Self-Love and how it’s usually mistaken for Selfishness. 

Basically, loving yourself is accepting everything about you; your emotions, mistakes, flaws as well as the positive attributes you have. It is being proud of who you are no matter what others say about you. Self-Love is a process that requires patience, mindfulness, gratitude and awareness.

What usually hinders people from achieving self-love are:

- Being stuck in the past.
- Doing what you don’t have passion for.

- Allowing negative comments control your thoughts.
- Underestimating yourself.

- Settling for anything.

- Lack of self-care.

In Conclusion, self-love may or may not start in a day. Once you are able to take control of your happiness, emotions, decisions and thoughts, you will notice there will be major changes in your life. Start gradually.


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