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My Mom Life Makeup Routine

A few years ago, someone told me when I become a mom I won’t have time to makeup
anymore, well, I imagined the worst that could happen and knew I won't be that kind of mom that will forget to look good.

Fast forward to my life now, things aren't exactly the same as it used to be but I have been able to find ways around it by:

Getting ready early enough,

Making sure baby has eaten and maybe sleeping before I start making up,

Feeding him first so he won't all through my makeup time,

Rocking him on the bouncer while making up, it helps him stay calm (if he is crying and we are in a hurry)

Getting him distracted,

And arranging the makeup products before I start.

The products I use are:

Primer (Zaron)
Foundation (Mac, Zaron, Milani, Zikel not together obvi)
Contour kit sometimes (Zaron)
Powder (Milani, Zaron, Zikel)
Bronzer (Zaron)
Eyeshadow (Novo)
Mascara (Zaron)
Eyeliner (Qibest)
Eye pencil
Brow kit 
Lip balm (Yves Rochers, I have natural dark and pink lips so I don't make use of lip colours)
Setting spray (L.A Girl)

Of course there are days that I just need a light makeup, for such days I make use of just:

Face primer (as the base or I rub my face cream)
Lip gloss
Eye pencil
Brow kit 
Powder sometimes
And make sure my edges are on fleek and I’m good to go 🙂

So, this is my mom-life make up routine. I will like to know yours


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