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Dealing with postpartum hair loss

It was incredibly difficult to understand why my hair was falling out frequently 2 months after
giving birth to my son. I heard a lot of postpartum experiences and the changes mothers go through but what I didn’t know was the reality of it will be a nightmare at some point.

I began to feel extremely conscious of the way my hair looked and gradually couldn't control my decreasing confidence level because my hair was falling out like CRAZY! I had to open up to someone who had a handful of tips on this very sensitive topic and honestly I can tell there’s an improvement. 

What I have been doing so far are

- Wearing wigs and extensions more, 

- Brushing or combing my hair not so often,

- Making styles that will prevent hairline hair loss,

- Using castor, coconut and olive oil on my scalp,

- Using Vatika hair products like hair fall control shampoo, conditioner and oil,

- Taking a maxi-hair supplement (recommended by a professional)

Over to you, I'd love to know what your postpartum hair loss remedies are?


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